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Double degrees

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UTBM has set up several different double degrees with different universities in ChinaBrazil, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The double degree program allows the selected student to get a UTBM diploma as well as a foreign degree at one of our partner universities. Depending on the program, the UTBM student will spend the last year of his/her studies in the foreign university, thus validating both trainings. For some courses, the student will have to spend an extra semester in the host university to be able to graduate.

UTBM is also committed to a partnership with the Haute Ecole de Gestion Arc (Switzerland), that delivers a joint international university certificate.

A double degree at Cranfield University

Hubert Lacôte answers our questions

What is your initial curriculum at UTBM?

I startedstudying at UTBM right after obtaining my highschool diploma which comforted me in my desire to join the Computer Science department after my two years in the common core department while acquiring the essential scientific bases to become an engineer. After my first year in Computer Science, I chose to specialize in the Image, Interaction and Virtual Reality program.

Why did you choose this double degree programme ?

The partnership between UTBM and Cranfield University enabled me to enter the Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering Master double degree program at Cranfield University in England.
I wished to seize the opportunity that was given to me to experience part of my studies abroad. It is a very fullfilling experience on both human and professional levels, which enabled me to acquire numerous skills.

How did this program complete your initial curriculum ?

This training enabled me to specialize in image treatment and artificial vision whilst enjoying a different type of teaching. Beyond the pure technical aspects of the training, I was able to take quality management classes and work with students from different academic backgrounds. Thanks to this program, I am now working on my final project in a Research and Development Company in London, using every day the skills I acquired during my entire curriculum.

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

The skills and skills I acquired during my years of training will allow me to manage a Research and Development team in France or abroad.