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Research into terrestrial transport and energy

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Scientific activity relies on the involvement of all the participants: researchers, technicians, teaching and administrative staff, coming from different backgrounds who contribute to the fundamental and technological knowledge base, in subjects ranging from the sciences to the humanities: all vital in our teaching.
Since its restructuring in 1999, the University of Technology implemented a policy favouring the convergence in the activities of the 7 research departments around the subject of terrestrial transport and energy, going beyond the confines of the traditional sciences.

This strategy has:

  • given UTBM a greater exposure to our institutional and private partners
  • accelerated the development of our research laboratories
  • encouraged interdisciplinary exchange
  • greatly increased the number of doctoral theses being undertaken
  • contributed to development and technology exchange.

UTBM and the University of Franche-Comté are accredited as two Doctoral Universities and jointly offer three Masters in Research.