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Plan your budget

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You’re an international student, coming to study at UTBM, you should plan your budget in advance according to the cost of living in your host country.

Here are some advice:

You should know the exchange rate between the Euro and your home currency.

Don’t bring a lot of cash with you. You should favor credit cards.

You must plan a budget for your first month in France, as for your entire stay.

1st month budget: up to 1,500€

  • Rent: between 250€ and 400€
  • Accommodation deposit: usually one month's rent
  • Housing insurance for the year: 50€
  • Tuition fees
  • Registration with Social Security: 215€
  • Additional health insurance cost: from 70 to 300€
  • Other utility charges (telephone, electricity, etc.): 100€


Monthly budget: 500€ (recommended)

  • Rent: between 250€ and 400€
  • Meals: 3.10€ for a full-course meal in a student restaurant
  • Textbooks/materials: less than 100€ per semester
  • Transport: maximum of 34€ per month
  • Leisure/activities/travels: 100€ per month


Short on money?

Here are a few suggestions for better budgeting:

Check you are receiving the grants and funding that you are entitled to from your own country and your host country. Ask for information from the International Mobility Department at UTBM.

Don’t pay to have access to your own money! If you are using a foreign bankcard, verify that you aren’t paying transaction fees when you withdraw money.

Open a French bank account (to get the CAF government grant for example). The Student mobility Department can help you with the process.

To open a bank account, you will need to:

  • Choose a bank and make an appointment
  • Bring the following supporting documents: ID or passport, residence permit (except for EU students), proof of residence (electricity bill, rent receipt, accommodation certificate, less than three months old), student ID to benefit from special rates

In most cases, opening a bank account is free but some services can be charged. International students can open either a « non-resident » bank account or a « resident » bank account (in Euro or other currency) according to the length of their stay.

Make the most of your student status! With your ISIC (International Student Identity Card) and the “Avantages Jeunes” card (available at the BIJ), you can have a huge range of discounts. Find out which shops and services offer reductions with these cards. Do you travel a lot? Buy the young person’s 18-27 card at the train station to earn up to 50% reduction on train tickets.

Don’t forget to sign up for a free “store card” (not credit card!!) at the supermarket. When you accumulate points, you save money off your shopping bill! (in supermarkets such as Leclerc, Cora or Auchan)

Buy second-hand. There are many notice boards at UTBM where students advertise to sell second-hand belongings, books or furniture. Don’t forget to sell yours before you leave. You can also have a look at the following classified advertisements website: www.leboncoin.fr for sale or purchase.

If you have a work permit or visa for France and all of your grants allow it, why not find a part-time job for a couple of hours in the evening or the weekend? Ever fancied being a barman or cashier? Contact the AE for more details.


For more information, please contact: studying@utbm.fr