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What are the means of transport in Belfort? How to move from one campus to the other? How to travel around France or Europe?  

You will find in this section, all the information needed about transport.


You want to do your groceries, go to the city-center, meet your friends at a local bar, travel from Sévenans to Belfort in the blink of an eye, don’t worry, Optymo is here.

Optymo is the public transport network in Belfort, offering buses as well as self-service bicycles. With 29 bus lines going from one end of the area to the other, it serves more than 100 villages in total.

  • To travel in an Optymo bus, you will have to get a transport card called a “Pass Optymo”. You can get it in the Optymo boutique situated at: 13 rue de Madrid, 90000 Belfort. It will cost you 1€ per trip, but won’t exceed 34€ per month. If you receive a government grant, it will cost you a maximum of 11€ per month.
  • You can get an Optymo VLS (self-service bicycle) at one of the 30 stations spread over 5 villages (Belfort, Bavilliers, Offemont, Essert and Valdoie). It will cost you 0.02€ per minute. Keep in mind that one rental bike is available for 24 hours only. If you keep it longer, you will have to pay a 150€ fee. For bicycle routes in Belfort and its surroundings, you can have a look at the following maps: map of Belfort, map of the area.


To visit the region, to go on a biking tour, you can have a look at the tourist office of Belfort and Montbéliard websites.


In the area of Montbéliard, the CTPM will be your transport network. If you’re less than 26 and want a monthly subscription, it will cost you 10€. You can buy the bus card online.


You want to travel around France or Europe, visit Strasbourg’s incredible Christmas Market, go skiing in the Swiss Alpes, or climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, several means of transport are available to you.

  • The SNCF is the national French railway company which will allow you to travel around the country. The sooner you book your train ticket, the cheaper it will be, so plan in advance and go for it! There are 3 different train stations in the area: one in Belfort, one in Moval (TGV station) and the last one is in Montbéliard.
  • The closest airport is Mulhouse/Basel/Freiburg Euroairport with connections all over Europe. 

For low budgets, other alternatives are available:

  • Thanks to Flixbus, you can travel around France and Europe at a lower cost.
  • Blablacar, the biggest carpooling company in France, will allow you to travel at a lower cost while making new acquaintances. 


For more information, please contact: studying@utbm.fr