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"I chose France because I always loved France. I discovered many different cultures, gained autonomy, accessed great professional resources and met amazing people. For me, France is the best country for an international experience."

Ariadna Gerol, Argentina





"The UTBM gave me an excellent university experience: wide range of courses to choose from (also in English), high-level technical accessories in the laboratories, interesting projects and meeting students from all over the world. The sporting opportunities, the uni-organized programs, trips, night events, the activity of the Student Association and the Welcome Club were significant! Everybody can find the suitable things to himself. And if I had a question, I always knew, who would have the right answer for me quickly. The university takes care of the international students, it's impossible to get lost if you aren't the best French speaker. Of course, the city was interesting and pretty for me, especially the "Vieille ville", the "Lion" and the "Citadel"."

Attila Mracsko, Hungary