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Common Core

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The Common Core is the first part of the study program at UTBM. If you wish to come study at UTBM right after your high school diploma, this is where you will start. 

It lasts two years and aims to give students the necessary basics to succesfully enter one of the five programs offered at UTBM. 

UTBM recruits high school or college students from various scientific backgrounds and gives them the basic skills, and minimum credits (120 ECTS) required to enter one of the five engineering departments.

During the first year, we offer a specific program for students who have not covered all necessary disciplines during their highschool education.

During the second year, you will be able to take courses in English (up to 400 hours). Those classes are mainly for students who wish to improve their language skills before going abroad or for a better integration of international students who wish to attend classes of the common core during their stay at UTBM. 

The Common Core program provides:

  • Scientific training, including mathematics, physics and chemistry,
  • technical training (computer studies, technology, mechanics and electronics),
  • communication skills in French, English and 8 other foreign languages,
  • an introduction to human sciences and general culture,
  • industrial experience through short-term industrial internships in France or abroad.