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University of Technology

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At UTBM, you will benefit from a renowned engineering school program in a university environment.

Choosing UTBM means building your own professional project through a tailored education program. UTBM boasts an internationally oriented scientific, technologic, human and entrepreneurial education, which is opened to worldwide cultures. If you want companies to recognize you as the free and responsible person who they can entrust their work with, come study at UTBM. 

UTBM trains engineers to be quickly operational and particularly suited to technological evolution and to changes in society. Furthermore, the courses offered are enhanced by industrial research activities.

Created in 1999, UTBM is a university with scientific, cultural and professional objectives. Member of a group of technology universities, UTBM was formed from the merger of two universities: the Engineering University of Belfort (l'Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Belfort) founded in 1962 and the Polytechnic Institute of Sévenans (l'Institut Polytechnique de Sévenans ) founded in 1985.

Ghislain Montavon is UTBM'S director and Sylvain Allano is at the head of the board of directors.