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Boost your technology

Our commitment :

  • Services defined by specification with specific objectives
  • Confidentiality guaranteed by contract
  • A team of 240 lecturers/researchers committed to scientific and applied reserche
  • A foundation to devolopp reliable, dynamic and long-masting partnerships

We propose our services in the following areas :

  • Design and production Engineering
  • Electrical Energy
  • Surfaces Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Ergonomics and Design
  • Management and Strategy

Promotion and transfer of technology

Innovative industrial projects

 An innovative industrial project is defined by a series of specifications negotiated between the company and the UTBM teachers. It usually covers aspects such as problem resolutions, permanent improvement (audit, studies, tests, implementation), and lasts about 4 months, never exceeding 500 hours per academic semester. 

Research and development contracts

The objective of a research and development contract is to contribute to the development of our partners’ technological innovation.

Objectives :

  • To offer our know-how and technological means, new solutions to favor our partners industrial mutations
  • A short or long-term research and development contract depending on the needs
  • The nature of the contract will vary: advanced or strategic research through expertise, audits, tests, prototypes…


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